Freelance Graphic Designer in Dubai

Highly skilled and talented graphic designer based in Dubai with own work permit from Dubai Development Authority (DDA). I am a highly-accomplished graphic designer, with a 7 years work experience across a wide range of industries including e-commerce, education, hospitality, finance, tech, retail, and the arts.

I have expertise in Visual identity graphic designing (Logos, brand identity, typography, color palettes, style guides), Marketing & advertising graphic design (flyers & brochures, Magazine and newspaper ads, Posters, banners and billboards, Infographics, Signage and trade show displays, Email marketing templates, Social media ads, Google Ads, e-commerce banner). User interface (UI) graphic design (web design, Mobile app design and their graphic elements), Publication graphic design (books, newspapers, magazines and catalogs), Packaging graphic design, and Art and illustration for graphic design (T-shirt designs, Mobile apps and Websites, Comic books, Album art, Book covers).work

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Web Designer 90%
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Web Designer 86%
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Web Designer 89%
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Web Designer 92%
My Skill
Web Designer 90%
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Web Designer 86%

My Graphic Designing Work

Professional Coding

We focus on quality, innovation and speed. Ayazali is a premium web design agency in Dubai that provides elegant web development solutions.

Graphic Design

Looking for graphic design services? We offer all kind of modern graphic design services from logo, to web, to packaging, clothing & more

Visual identity graphic design

A brand is the impression seen or experienced by the audience of a business or organization. A brand identity is the image of the organization presenting its personality, character, emotions and experience towards the customer. Visual identity graphic design is used for expressing this image of a brand to communicate the qualities through graphics, shapes and colors.

I have as a graphic designer in visual identity graphic design, worked with stakeholders to create logos, typography, color, palettes and image libraries that signify a brands appearance. Moreover I have created standard business cards and corporate stationary and also developed a set of visual brand guidelines (style guides) describing the best practice and examples of visual branding. These style guides helped in brands consistency for future application.

Marketing & advertising graphic design

Organizations depend on successful marketing to get to their audience. Great marketing means to know the needs and satisfaction of people about your product. As people find visual content more engaging, graphic designs helps in promote and communicate effectively.

I have as a freelancer graphic designer worked with professionals to create assets for marketing strategies.

Graphic design and marketing services I am providing to the clients are:

  • Postcards and flyers
  • Magazine and newspaper ads
  • Posters, banners and billboards
  • Infographics
  • Brochures (print and digital)
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Signage and trade show displays
  • Email marketing templates
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Menus
  • Social media ads, banners and graphics
  • Banner and retargeting ads
  • Images for websites and blogs

User interface graphic design

User interface (UI) is the process of designing interface for the ease of the user and provide a user-friendly experience.

In the context of graphic design, the focus is on the users visual experience and the on-screen graphics designs like buttons, menus and more.

As a specialized graphic designer I provide UI/UX services in desktop apps, mobile apps, web apps and web page design etc.

Publication graphic design​

Publication design involves the layout and graphic design for printed matter. Publications are the pieces that communicate with people through public distributions. This classic type of design can be books, magazines, comics, catalogs and the most significant nowadays is digital publishing.

I have as a freelancer graphic designer built layouts with typography and artwork. Moreover I can create Books, Newsletters, Directories, Annual reports, Magazines, Catalogs.

Packaging graphic design

Packaging design is one more way to communicate with the consumer, making it a valuable marketing tool. Any type of packaging is a chance of telling the brand story.

I have as a freelance graphic designer created concepts, mock-ups, and print ready designs for many products.

Art and illustration for graphic design

Graphic art and illustration are often seen as the same as graphic design, but they are not the same. Designers make compositions to converse and solve problems, comparing to them graphic artists and illustrators create original artwork.

Examples of art and illustration for graphic design

  • T-shirt design
  • Graphic patterns for textiles
  • Motion graphics
  • Stock images
  • Graphic novels
  • Video games
  • Websites
  • Comic books
  • Album art
  • Book covers
  • Picture books
  • Infographics
  • Technical illustration
  • Concept art

Graphic artists use any combination of media and techniques to create their work as they collaborate with writers, editors, managers, marketers and art directors across all graphic design types