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Bookings2030 - A Project of Dubai Cares

In Ramadan 2019, Dubai Cares was offering members of the community an opportunity to make a booking in 2030 for doctors’ appointments, flights, lectures, hotel stays, concerts and film premieres.

We here was hired to design the whole campaign which includes its key visuals, Print Banners, Digital Banners, Animations and Videos.

Through, Bookings 2030, Dubai Cares hopes to influence people’s perception of charity, particularly in the context of education. The campaign’s main premise is that by providing education to children and young people, we are giving the world a future professional. 11 years from now, we can expect the children who have had the opportunity to go to school and learn to become active contributors to their community. They could become doctors, pilots, professors, architects, singers, film directors or anything they want to be.